Dr. Paula relocated to Boise in July 2011 after 14 wonderful, successful years owning and operating a solo chiropractic practice in the Northern California town of Willits. Her practice has specialized in providing the highest quality chiropractic care to all members of the community; our belief system has always dictated that no one is denied care based on financial considerations. We believe that, for the health of our communities, care must be available to everyone.  

This philosophy attracted the attention of Dr. Patch Adams (yes, on whom the Robin Williams movie was based), and Dr. Paula has become the chiropractor for the Gesundheit! Institute. In that role, she has taught at conferences and seminars around the world, helping other providers design the practice of their dreams!

Dr. Paula is a full-time single mom to her two sons, Nick (16) and Cedar (12). Her interests include flying trapeze, aerial arts, stilt walking, live music, theater, dance, good coffee and witty conversations!

In June 2015, Dr. Paula opened Fly! Boise, Idaho's only school for flying trapeze.  There, she coaches all levels of trapeze enthusiasts and heartily welcomes absolute beginners.  "Wait... what?", you say?  Get more information here: www.flyboise.org.