Testimonials —

I first met Paula in 1998 when I took my cat into her office for adjustments, never thinking I would ever be using her services. I had been to a chiropractor in the area I had previously lived and, well, I never seemed to get the relief I was hoping for. Pain however is a great motivator for treatment and I too was soon a patient. I am happy to tell everyone that I was soon “a relieved, pain free patient”. Living on a ranch, I always managed to find a hole to step in or a hill to slide down or something a little too heavy to pick up, but at the end of the day I always knew Paula was there to help. She is missed in our community but we are happy for her that she has found a new home and more people to help. Good luck Paula and congratulations Boise for a wonderful lady, friend and chiropractor.
— Alice P.
Paula’s hands always seem to find the right spots on your spine and joints and her adjustments are painless. I saw her for several years, before and after a partial discectomy on my lumbar spine. My back, hips and neck always felt better after her adjustments. She’s also an actress and singer and contributes to her community in many ways. We miss her in Northern California.
— Jane M.
I had many treatments for a chronic problem over the years Dr. Paula was in my area. I always left adjusted and back in good health - able to carry on well for long periods between adjustments. I loved her treatments and her wonderful, bright, caring and energetic manner with me. I’m a busy person so I especially appreciated her ability to understand that and get right in to the treatment I needed, leaving me feeling well cared for and “fixed”. Her rates and rate programs were very beneficial for me to be able to take good care of myself without insurance coverage. You folks are very fortunate to now have Dr. Paula in your area! Thanks again and again for all your good work Paula.
— Sarah S.
I had my first chiropractic experience some 57 years ago at age 10. As a professional dancer I have continued to seek chiropractic care throughout my life and career. Over the years I have been to MANY practitioners in several states and foreign countries where I was living or working at the time. I can say without equivocation that Dr. Paula Murphy’s care has been among the best I have ever encountered anywhere. I highly recommend her gentle, through and loving approach to health care. She is a great chiropractor and we miss her greatly!
— Freddie L.
Dr. Paula is fabulous! I came to Dr. Paula with double scoliosis, not really able to stand up straight. Through her expert adjustments, now I can! A visit to Dr. Paula’s office is always a happy experience, easy, enlightening and fun! Dr. Paula is also great at adjusting babies and children, and they love her. I wish more people knew how important great chiropractic care is for children. My daughter knows. Her first visit to Dr. Paula was at 10 days old, and as she grew she would ask to See Dr. Paula whenever she wasn’t feeling well, and she always left feeling better. Over the years our family grew to rely on Dr. Paula as our primary medical care, for a wide variety of ailments, as her expert adjustments helped our bodies to naturally heal more quickly. Boise is SOOOOOO very lucky to have her!
— Mountaingirl
I have had a recurring problem with subluxating ribs. Dr. Paula has been there no matter what time of the day or evening (in some cases). She puts the health of her patient high on her priority list. She is missed by many. I have been under her care for 10 years. I highly recommend treatment by Dr. Paula. I am now in Texas and miss the care I received. Thank you Paula for being the caring person you are.
— Bim
Dr Paula showed me that Chiropractic work can be gentle and specific. She took fear out of the equation and replaced it with trust. Dr Paula has provided my chiropractic care for over 10 years and has kept minor physical problems from becoming major. I highly recommend her to everyone, especially people who new to chiropractic care.
— Janet R.
I started seeing Dr. Paula following bilateral shoulder and a neck surgery. She helped to restore mobility not only to those areas but to my low back which I had been stressing and relying on greatly since my surgeries. She allowed me to have visits which fit my schedule and made me feel like more then just a “patient”, I was treated as a friend. This environment makes the experience much more relaxing and pleasant. Our nation needs more providers like her and those who are able to experience her care are very lucky!
— Mrs. O
I had an accident in 2004 and am very sensitive. No doctor or physical therapist could touch me without my feeling extreme pain. Paula has a very healing touch and is completely in tune with her patients body and needs. She is gentle, yet effective and works WITH her patients. I have found her compassion and way of working to be extraordinary. The way she sets up her office visits is a unique experience and one that worked well for many people in this town. Her office was always filled with grateful people! She creates a community feeling and a sense of true well-being. We love and miss you, Paula!
— Chela
Dr. Paula is a highly committed health practitioner. My back was a mystery to most of the chiropractors I had seen in the past and I occasionally had to recover for months after a not-right adjustment. Dr. Paula’s perseverance, intelligence and intuition resulting in her finally figuring out my particular quirks and I know that her skill has contributed to my long term spinal health. She’s a unique and creative individual and a gifted chiropractor.
— Susan B.