What everybody wants to know...

Why so cheap?

We get that a lot. The goal is not to provide "cheap chiropractic care," rather it is to provide affordable care for those who see the benefit of chiropractic on a regular basis, for themselves or their entire families--whether they have symptoms of a medical condition or not.


You say you’re “a very different chiropractic office.” What, exactly, does that mean?

Simply put, our objective is different. The objective of most chiropractic clinics is to directly address your pain, symptoms or medical condition. Some use therapies, like electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound or massage, and some use only the chiropractic adjustment to treat your pain. These types of clinics are great; they do excellent work and the vast majority care deeply about your medical issues and give great advice. In our office, though, our only objective is to help clear your nervous system of interference to allow the natural wisdom and healing ability of your body to express itself most fully. We, too, care deeply about your pain and discomfort, but we also understand that there are many, many causes of pain and that nerve interference is only one. Sometimes you need medical attention, sometimes physical therapy, acupuncture or a specialist. And, sometimes chiropractic is all you need. We stay out of the advice business (those other professionals are much more adept at that), and limit our practice to the unique service that only a chiropractor can provide: The spinal adjustment.

Why don't you file insurance?

Health insurance coverage has changed the chiropractic adjustment into a medical treatment, and has raised the price beyond reason. Arbitrary rules and the paperwork now required have tremendously increased the cost of providing this basic service. The choice to limit this practice to identifying and removing nerve interference (subluxations) dramatically reduces the records, claims paperwork, staff, office size, equipment and supplies necessary to run an office. Consequently, our services are not intended to meet third-party payer's requirements for "medical necessity," and are therefore not payable by health insurance (although some flexible spending programs may reimburse you). Why should you pay 2-3 times the price to have the “luxury” of meeting high deductibles and ridiculous copayments? With a practice limited to subluxation correction, along with our membership program, your out-of-pocket costs will likely be significantly less than if we actually filed insurance claims and participated in the madness.

Do I have to buy a membership?

Of course not. Getting your spine checked should be a regular part of everyone’s routine for healthy living, just like exercise, eating right, a good night’s sleep and cleaning your teeth. Subluxations reduce the performance of everything your body does, whether you have a medical condition or not. These memberships allow an easy, affordable way for an entire family to get all the care they need— every day, if necessary. But, neither the membership program nor this way of thinking is for everyone. Those who choose to come “as needed” can simply pay the per-visit fee just like any other office, but at a much lower price.

Is this like a gym membership? Do I have to commit forever?

Absolutely not. We merely ask for a two-month minimum and you can cancel at any time. You can also suspend your membership if you’re traveling or for any other reason. We’ll just pick back up where you left off when you return.

Really? No appointments?

Yep! Established patients can just drop in during the open adjusting hours. Since our methods are specific and focused, your visit will be quick and everybody's wait time will be short. 

Why is your hair pink?

Funny you should ask.  First, because it's fun!  Secondly, I frequently travel and teach with Patch Adams' Gesundheit! Institute. Yes, that means I'm hanging out with clowns... I just want to fit in!  More importantly, it's a political act designed to reinvent the way health care is delivered in this countryYes, really!  The old notion that the Doctor has rank above the patients is, in my opinion, one of the most detrimental aspects in our current health care system. Doctors and patients should be teammates, working toward the same goal; and the goal should be decided by the patient. Think about how many times we hear someone say, “They have me on this or that drug.” When the truth is that YOU have you on that drug. YOU put it in your mouth. YOU have the power to make all decisions. If we felt on the same level as our health care providers, we might feel more comfortable questioning and coming to our best, most-informed decisions. Pink hair makes it difficult to be taken too seriously, thus reducing the issue of rank.


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